Vasectomy services at Planned Parenthood in Southwest and Central Florida:

As of December 1, 2019, Drs. Stein and Curington will no longer provide vasectomy services at Planned Parenthood. This was NOT our choice nor that of Planned Parenthood. Drs. Stein and Curington have provided vasectomy services at various Planned Parenthood clinics since 1996. Since 1970, the Title X program has helped fund contraceptive services (birth control pills, IUDs, vasectomy, etc.) for uninsured men and women of low income, with Planned Parenthood being one of the country’s largest and most well-respected providers of those services. TRUMP has changed all of that by issuing an order that “none of the funds appropriated for Title X may be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning”, not even the funds used for the contraceptives that reduce the rate of abortion!

Since 1996, Dr. Stein has been one of the country's most dedicated providers of vasectomy under Title X, now contracted with 32 of Florida’s 67 counties. Dr. Curington has provided services under Title X in various clinics across the country since 1997.  Even if we never provide another Title X vasectomy at Planned Parenthood (and provide them only at our “private” office locations), “this rule will require Title X providers to maintain physical and financial separation from locations which provide abortion as a method of family planning,” which means that we cannot provide vasectomy EVEN FOR OUR PRIVATE (non-Title X) patients at Planned Parenthood.

Given our long history with Planned Parenthood, we thought long and hard about no longer providing vasectomies under Title X, since it amounts to a small percentage of our practice income. We considered, "Let the 32 counties scramble for other vasectomy providers". But Title X vasectomy providers are hard to find because Title X does not pay for complications like the very rare scrotal blood clot that has to be drained in an operating room. And Title X patients, by definition, have no health insurance, which puts ALL of the financial liability on the doctor. We are dedicated enough to preventing unintended pregnancies that we accept that liability while few other doctors will. Would there be any public sympathy for these low-income men if 32 counties were left without a Title X vasectomy provider? Based upon past public reactions, probably not. The attitude is, “Let them go somewhere else and pay.” The point is that many don’t have the means to pay, many are already on other entitlement programs, and many will go on to cause more unintended pregnancies, the products of which will swell the enrollments of those same entitlement programs, further adding to the tax burden that we all bear. But the general public usually does not think far enough ahead to see this last point.

Has it ever been an issue of quality? Five-star reviews are what we have received about the offices and personnel at the Planned Parenthood Clinics in Orlando, Lakeland, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, and Naples. Again, this was NOT our choice.

In fact, we retain all of the information below with the hope that the election of 2020 will result in a new administration, a more rational health care policy, and a return to provision of vasectomy services at Planned Parenthood.

Vasectomy in Southwest & Central, Florida:

Vasectomy services are provided by Drs. Doug Stein and John Curingtonn at the Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida clinics in Orlando, Lakeland, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, and Naples. The fee is $590, less for those who have coverage under an insurance plan with whom we are contracted. and there is usually NO FEE for (1) veterans and (2) those men without health insurance who qualify under Title 10.
Exact service dates are in Dr. Stein's Outfield Schedule page. Here are addresses and phone numbers:

11500 University Boulevard Orlando 32817 (407) 246-1788 Click here for photos & maps.
736 Central Avenue Sarasota 34236-4042 (941) 953-4060 Click here for photos & maps.
8595 College Parkway #31 Ft. Myers 33919* (239) 481-9999 Click here for photos & maps.
2250 E Edgewood Drive Lakeland 33803 (863) 665-5735 Click here for photos & maps.
1425 Creech Road Naples 34103 (239) 262-0301 Click here for photos & maps.

All scheduling of vasectomies is done through Dr. Stein and Curington's main office at 813-5361430. Convenient Thursday (Sarasota, Lakeland and Orlando) and Saturday (Ft. Myers and Naples) no-scalpel no-needle vasectomies are done by Drs. Doug Stein and John Curington. (A copy of their vasectomy instructions and information are available here as a PDF file.

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