With 64 vasectomies performed on February 7, we were "in our groove" and ready to do it again on February 8, our last mission day. The process, from intake and informed consent to discharge with instructions and free condoms, had been streamlined. Every NSVI staff person had a job, and every one was a critical to the process as the next. Bob & Benita Kiamco had spoken with the barangay health care workers in their home towns of Carmen and Silonga, each a short drive from Cebu. Whether through the health workers or by word of mouth or both, word spread that NSVI was offering $20 to any man willing to undergo a vasectomy at Sacred Heart Hospital and that free transportation would be provided.
They came by the busloads. In fact, 20 busses packed with 40 men each, and we heard that more would be coming later.
I was like a big party. Some men brought their families.
Everybody sprang into action.
With the film crew documenting it all, Bob Kiamco gave a thorough but simple lesson in male reproductive anatomy and function.
When Bob's voice got tired, Frohnie took over.
Meanwhile the surgeons inside worked quickly but very carefully. This was our opportunity to impress this community with the ease of NSV so that their friends would come next year.
Dr. Nenita Suarez counsels men after their vasectomies, while nursing students, Frohnie, and Benita review the numbers: 107.

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NSVI 2011 Mission
Day 1
Vasectomies at Sacred Heart Hospital
Day 2
Billboards and Politics
Day 2
Gawad Kalinga
Day 5
Lectures at SWU Medical School
Vasectomies at Visayas Community Medical Center
Day 8
107 vasectomies
at Sacred Heart Hospital