Tuesday February 1, 2011 - Day 1 - Arrival & Vasectomies at Sacred Heart Hospital
Departure from Hong Kong's magnificent Chek Lap Kok Airport, all built on reclaimed land. Our flight path took us over the South China Sea east of Vietnam ... ... and over the northern Philippine island of Luzon and the capitol Manila.
Saralena was there to pick us up at the Cebu Airport. Posters had been hung at Sacred Heart Hospital announcing the arrival of the American Vasectomy Team and the opportunity to get a free vasectomy.
While 3 vasectomists worked inside, facilitator and NSVI cofounder Bob Kiamco explains vasectomy to local men.
The news media were there to interview the delegation, especially Dr. Ramon Suarez, President and Cofounder of NSVI. We were immediately challenged with questions about how we would respond to opposition form the Catholic Church.
After a long first day, time to relax before a nice meal at a Cebu restaurant.
Our first evening meal: Dr. Ramon Suarez, Videographer Joel, Jonathan, myself, a friend of Ronald's wife, Dr. Nenita Suarez (Ramon's wife and VP of NSVI), Saralena, Dr. Ronald Suarez (Ramon & Nenita's son and also a graduate of SWU Medical School) and Ronald's wife's sister.
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