Vasectomy in Flagler County, Florida:

Palm Coast, Bunnell, and nearby communities

Flagler County Health Department

The Flagler County Health Department has an excellent Vasectomy Program and may (depending on fund availability* each fiscal year) have Title X (Ten) financial assistance for men who qualify based on income and family size. The Flagler County Health Department partners with the Volusia County Health Department under the same contract for vasectomy services. Saturday morning vasectomies are performed for both Flagler and Volusia County Health Department patients by Drs. Doug Stein and John Curington every six to eight weeks at the the office of Ruben Lopez, M.D. (Port Orange Pediatrics). For exact dates, see their Outfield Schedule Page. To obtain services, just follow these steps:

Step 1.
Call the Flagler County Health Department Clinic in Bunnell, (386) 437-7350, for information. (If the staff is not helpful, or if you leave a message and do not receive a return call within 24 hours, please call 813-536-1430 for assistance.)

The Health Department is located just off State Road 100 on Dr. Carter Boulevard (formerly Lemon Street).
There is a small sign at the intersection of SR-100 and Dr. Carter Boulevard (formerly South Lemon Street).
The Health Department is down Dr. Carter Boulevard (formerly Lemon Street) on the right side.

Step 2.
Make and attend an appointment at which you will receive vasectomy counseling, undergo financial screening, and sign a permit (consent) for vasectomy. You will be given a referral, and copies of your consent and authorization will be mailed to Dr. Stein's office.
Step 3.
Call to make an appointment for a vasectomy on a date at least 30 days after the date on which you signed your consent (government regulation for Title X coverage). You can have your vasectomy at either of the following locations:
Where: When:
Port Orange Pediatrics certain Fridays** Click for location and directions.
Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando certain Thursdays** Click for location and directions.
** - For exact dates, see Dr. Stein and Dr. Curington's Outfield Schedule Page
Step 4.
Twelve (12) weeks after your vasectomy, you will have to mail (mailers provided) a semen sample to Dr. Stein and Curington's office to confirm that the semen is sperm-free and that you may stop other forms of contraception.

* - If Title X funds are no longer available for the current fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) in Flagler County, Flagler County residents may seek Title X assistance at the Seminole County Health Department. Or, if you wish to pay, the fee at Port Orange Pediatrics is $590, and separate counseling and procedure visits are not required.