No-Cost and Low-Cost Vasectomy Services in Florida!

Drs. Stein and Curington are the vasectomy services providers at many locations in Florida:
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Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida
Clinics in Naples, Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Lakeland, and Orlando

Wisdo Family Medicine (in Ocala)
Serving Marion County and surrounding areas

Port Orange Pediatrics (in Port Orange)
Serving Volusia County and surrounding areas

Davenport Medical Center (in Davenport)
Serving Greater Orlando, Lake County, and Kissimmee / St. Cloud

Medical Consultants of Florida (in Port St. Lucie)
Serving mid-Florida's East Coast communities, Melbourne to Stuart

Lakeshore Office Park (in West Palm Beach)
Serving Palm Beach County

Aventura Hospital Medical Center (in Aventura)
Serving Broward and Dade Counties (Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and nearby communities)


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County Health Departments in Florida

Click HERE for general information about the Title X (Ten) program (which helps low-income men pay for vasectomy services) and a listing of the Florida counties wherein vasectomy services are offered by Drs. Doug Stein and other vasectomy providers.

Medicaid Notice

We have learned that, when it comes to procuring vasectomy services, Medicaid can be more of a hindrance than a benefit. Medicaid has a reputation of paying so slowly that few doctors wish to participate. Certain county health departments participate, but they may require referral authorizations from the Medicaid primary care physicians, and getting a referral authorization may be discouragingly slow. Dr. Stein is no longer a Medicaid provider of vasectomy services because the reimbursement is low ($143) and the paperwork unbearable. (Three claims were recently denied because we used abbreviations: Dr. Stein's middle initial "G." and "M.D.", rather than "George" and "Medical Doctor".) However, some county health departments will offer Title 10 financial assistance (see below) to men with Medicaid if there are no local providers of vasectomy services under the Medicaid program.

Medicaid tries to shift all Medicaid patients to Medicaid HMO's, sometimes without the Medicaid recipient even being aware of the shift. Drs. Stein and Curington are not contracted providers with any Medicaid HMOs, as some Medicaid HMO administrators have done exceptionally well financially, and we do not want that financial success to be at our expense.