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Vasectomy Counseling Video
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Vasectomies $100 off on May 23/24, June 21/22, June 27/28 and August 8/9
Physician Training

Financial Assistance for Low-Income Men without Health Insurance: Title X ("ten")
NOTE: As of July 1, 2016, Florida legislature forbids vasectomies under Title X in Planned Parenthood clinics.

Special Message for Young Men (under 30) with Fewer than Two Children
Special Message for Men Who Have Never Caused a Pregnancy
Special Message for Men Whose Partners Have Had or May Have a Tubal Ligation

Dr. Stein's International Work

Before scheduling a vasectomy, (1) review the vasectomy page and watch the counseling video, (2) consider payments options, and (3) select a location and date from our schedule.
To schedule a vasectomy, complete the online registration and we will call you with a specific time for your chosen location and date when we see your registration in our holding area.

In addition to the locations in the map to the right, Dr. Stein also performs vasectomies at county health department clinics in Largo and Bradenton.
Looking for a vasectomist outside Florida? See Vasweb Vasectomy Doctors,
 a growing list of patient-rated vasectomy providers.