Vasectomy in Miami-Dade County, Florida:

Dade County Health Department

The Dade County Health Department offers Title 10 coverage for 20 vasectomy procedures per year for men without health insurance who qualify based upon income and family size.

  1. Please call 305-278-0425 and leave a message for Maryann Bean, RN, expressing an interest in Title 10 vasectomy services.
  2. Someone will return your call, obtain some preliminary information, then refer you to another number for financial screening.
  3. If eligible and if funds are available, you will be referred to a urologist at the University of Miami Medical Center for counseling and, 30 days later, the vasectomy procedure.

If there are no more Title 10 funds for the current fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), or if you do not qualify, you may want to have your vasectomy performed by Dr. Doug Stein or Dr. John Curington. Drs. Stein and Curington are currently not providers for the Dade County Health Department, but perform vasectomies on a regular basis at the Biscayne Medical Arts Center Suite 203 (click for details) in Aventura. The fee is $590.