Outstanding Employment Opportunity

After 38 years, our Office Administrator, Vivian Nelson, is retiring. We (the rest of the staff including the two doctors) are learning all of the skills that she performed so well for so many years. And she is willing to stick around to help orient her replacement.

Here is what the Office Administrator job entails.

  1. First things first: Depending on experience and need for benefits, the starting salary will be $50,000 or above.
  2. It is a fulltime position with some flexibility. If staff stays late on busy days, we try to see that they leave a little early on light days. We don't close for lunch, but there is always time to eat. Since we are such a small office (often only 2 staff members), calling in sick produces a huge burden on other staff, so dependability is far more important than it might be to a large organization of workers who can fill in for each other.
  3. Vacation: During the first five years, the employee earns 5 paid days off (PDOs) every 6 months. During the second five years, the employee earns 5 paid days off every 4 months. After 10 years, he or she earns 5 PDOs every 3 months. We honor the traditional Big Six Holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), the day after Thanksgiving is a given, and we usually throw in MLK, Christmas Eve, and the the Monday or Friday when July 4 or Christmas fall on Tuesday or Thursday.
  4. Responsibilities (primarily "front office") include scheduling and greeting patients, coordinating contracts with county health departments, making sure that licenses (like CLIA) are up to date and sales taxes (MyFloridaMarketplace) are paid, ordering office and medical supplies, paying some bills with the office credit card, managing office equipment, checking some post-vasectomy semen specimens, and preparing charts for the next day and our outfield locations.
  5. NO payroll or income tax responsibilities.
  6. A working knowledge of Spanish is helpful but not essential. Living close to the office (long commutes can be exhausting) is helpful but not essential.
  7. Comfort with common MS Office programs like Word and Excel is required.
  8. Familiarity with the contents of this website will provide all the medical knowledge needed. 95% of our patients have the same diagnosis (Z30.2 - undesired fertility) and receive the same treatment (55250 - vasectomy). The other 5% are reversal patients. Very simple.
  9. A genuine respect for our patients. They are all healthy, courageous and loving men who are responsible enough to share the burden of contraception with their partners. They arrive nervous and leave happy. Who could ask for a nicer patient population?

We are both very nice guys as our lack of office turnover demonostrates. We hope that you or someone you refer will consider a career with us.
Any interested person should bring a resume in person to our Main Office in Lutz. Thank you.

John Curington and Doug Stein, MDs