In February, 2022, without notice to or approval from us, CIGNA lowered payments for vasectomy from $461.59 to $438.28. We quietly went along with that for a while, then, beginning May 31, 2022, we noticed that reimbursement for patients with "CIGNA Open Access" was $255.66. On July 13, we tried to contact a CIGNA representative at a phone number on the EOB (insurance payment receipt) (866-494-2111), the representative told us to call Provider Relations (PR) at 888-663-8081. The representative at PR said that there was nothing she could do to negotiate rates, and she provided email address intake_pdm@cigna.com, but no name of anyone with whom we could discuss our agreement with CIGNA. We explained the situation and concluded with "Please let this email serve as notice that future CIGNA patients will be charged $461.59 before services are rendered, regardless of the plan, then reimbursed whatever CIGNA pays us. Non-response to this email will be considered acceptance of this new policy." We have not received a response.

On August 15, 2022, we received a call from Lynn in Manila, Philippines, responding to a patient who objected to having to pay us before his vasectomy, a policy in place for nearly 2 years. She wanted  out tax ID number and I explained our issue. She said that she would ask someone at the MPSU (Medical Provider Services Unit) call us. We never received a call.

On October 17, 2022, we received a call from Edna, again requesting our tax ID number. We we asked to speak with someone about our contract, she transferred us to Susan in Tennessee. She claimed that she was the wrong person (she handles "scheduling of orders"), but she would have someone call us from "Physician Services". We never received a call.

If you would rather not pay for your vasectomy up front, you may be able to find an office that does not require pre-payment. We understand. If you will be disappointed to be reimbursed less than $461.59, you may want to look elsewhere for vasectomy services. We understand. Thank you.